Sony HVL-F32M Flash


The Sony HVL-F32M is a new flash gun designed for Sony cameras with the new(ish) Sony “Multi Interface Shoe”.  I have purchased this flash as my Sony A6000 (ILCE-6000) does not support wireless flash with its onboard flash.

I already have two HVL-F42AM flashes, which I used with my Konica Minolta 5D and my Sony A55. Both of these cameras can control the two HVL-F42AM flash heads wirelessly with their onboard flash.  With the e-mount A6000, I could no longer use the old flashes without purchasing an adapter and with an adapter I would still have no wireless capability.  By obtaining the HVL-F32M I hope to be able to control the old flash heads wirelessly and also have a compact flash suited to the A6000.

The HVL-F32M comes packed compactly with the manuals weighing nearly as much as the flash.  The flash is its pouch already, along with the stand.

Fitted to the A6000, the combination is well balanced. The excellent grip on the A6000 means that it is easy handle.

I can confirm that the HVL-F32M works as a controller for the pair of HVL-F42AM flashes but there is only the one channel.  High Speed Sync (HSS) also works.

The power of the flash is strong enough to get good exposures when bouncing off ceilings.  The rotating head doesn’t have locking mechanism like the F42 has.  It is quite stiff to turn and feels a bit primitive but it is perfectly functional. It tilts down for close up work.

Other points:

  • The head automatically zooms but you cannot set it manually.
  • Mode can be set to TTL, OFF or MANUAL but MANUAL only when the camera is set to M.
  • The new shoe/foot is very solid and easy to get on and off (the Minolta proprietary design wobbled a bit.
  • The stand is very wide and stable, folding in half for storage.

Overall I find that this is a good quality piece of kit that I look forward to using a lot over the next few years.

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